It's Hard to Tell What to Make Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell's Lifetime Movie Trailer

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Kirsten Wiig and Will Ferrell have long been fans of ultra deadpan comedy that makes the most out of seriousness (see Wiig in The Spoils of Babylon or Ferrell in Casa De Mi Padre.

This time they apparently wanted to go straight to the source with their new Lifetime movie that will air June 20. The teaser above shows them both going full serious as it teases any number of malicious things that could happen in this normal-seeming depiction of life.

This is actually something that Wiig did in a sneaky cameo on 30 Rock...

Depending on your sense of humor, the actual Lifetime movie A Deadly Adoption is either right up your alley or completely bewildering.

Either way, we'll be tuning in. Just look at that poster:

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