Some Seriously Sensitive Parents are Convinced This Minion Toy Has a Potty Mouth

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McDonald's is in hot water after some keen eared parents found a reason to be outraged about a new Happy Meal toy promoting the Despicable Me spinoff movie, Minions. According to these concerned parents, the toy spouts a phrase not suitable for children, known in shorthand as WTF. One particularly concerned father hasn't let his child "lay hands on it because [he does] not approve of that kind of language, especially coming from a kids toy." At least one news station covering the story dutifully bleeps the profanity to keep your tender ears safe (just listen to the first minute or so, it's hilarious):

Not to be left without a conspiracy, another parent even believes the messaging is subliminal, saying, "you think about those words and the way they sound, you can definitely correlate the two and make it sound like it's saying that." Is McDonald's doing this on purpose?!

McDonald's has responded to the situation by saying, "Minions speak 'Minionese,' which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds.... Any perceived similarities to words used in the English language are purely coincidental." So there you have it. No fu**s here, at least not from McDonald's.

What do you think, is the minion toy dropping an F bomb?

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