The Batman v Superman Trailer from SDCC Has Arrived!

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San Diego Comic Con attendees at the Warner Bros panel this morning got to see new footage from Batman v Superman, featuring Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor in action. Luckily for us, Warmer Bros has already put it up online. The cast of BvS took the stage to talk production and revealed some interesting tidbits:

  • Christian Bale's advice to Ben Affleck re: the Batman suit: "make sure you can piss in that thing." Touché, Bale, touché.
  • Batman v Superman is an homage to Frank Miller and the Dark Knight, according to Snyder, but is not the same story.
  • Gotham and Metropolis are twin cities in the film, much like Oakland and San Francisco.
  • Batman's suit in BvS is intentionally larger to protect him from Superman, so maybe it won't be as cheesy as it looked in some of the promo images.

Attendees also got a look at Suicide Squad, which many described on Twitter as being very dark, cynical, and violent. Looks like there won't be any goofy, Marvel-esque antics here. Watch the potato quality version below:

The panel also revealed that next Green Lantern film won't be just another retelling of Hal Jordan's story; it'll feature the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force made up of more than 7000 lanterns. This reveal isn't surprising, given Tyrese Gibson's recent tease of two lanterns on Instagram:

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