15 Entitled Cheapskates Who Poorly Tried To Take Advantage of People

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    facebook status wanting free playplace Looking for a free playplace for my kids. I refuse to shell out $500 at Home Depot for one. It MUST have A.) A slide B.) Swings Attached C.) A higher and lower platform D.) Ropes to swing from. Delivery only, please. This Saturday would be the best day to come to my house, and if you could install it too- I'd treat you to some lemonade Also, make sure there are no nails or sharp objects that could hurt my boys Thanks in
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    messages asking for free website Hil need a website built for my business and Tury said you could help. No problem, what were you thinking? What kind of business? This might be a better conversation for email or a phone call, if you've got the time. My current website is ahite T can you just make it fook Jetter? I usually like to consult before I price the job, phone or email? can we possibly connect via V 9:33 AM Price? it cant be that hard to make a website.
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    messages about coworker My coworker delusional af. I took a shift that she usually works and she asked me how will I send her the money I made since it's her shifts.. 3,899 Retweets 16,717 Likes 125 t3.9K 17K Tweet your reply Update: she was deaddafuckserious... called my supervisor on me and said I'm withholding her funds, & that I told her I'll beat her ass... i was lowkey just playing but LMAO000imabeatherass0O00... ti 312 2.8K Lmao WOW, So co
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    facebook status about wedding dress attire Hey everyone! Who's ready for Hawaii 2019? In anticipation of the wedding, and believe me, I know it's a longgg way away...but OO would still like to announce the dress code! I am giving you a long notice of a year and a half so that you will have time to find and pick out something nice The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect. If done right, it wil
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    status asking for videos ok fuckers, I asked you nicely to give those 3 videos a like on YT, and what do l get from a server of 1,500 people? Less than 5 measly motha fuckin likes. SMH! If l don't see more likes than that by tomorrow, I'm kicking 10 random people out of this server and it could be any of you, so get your shit together and help a brotha out!
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    facebook status free car looking for a free car that work Message FREE United Kingdom hi looking for a free car that works and you can just give me dont want to spend anything so must be full working order bmw preferred but let me know what you've got for free dont want a white or blue car either thanks £0.00 Like Comment Sselling site See more posts ine PM sent Interested What's Next Write a comme... (GIF)
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    facebook status looking for person assistant A personal assistant is Needed for immediate employment. I'm in need of a Personal assistant who can work from home in order to relieve me of my work load. What you do exactly is to attend to my potential customers via email, make and receive calls on my behalf, schedule meetings and take account of incomes. Payment is $100/5 days Can you do that? If yes text: Note: only USA residents should contact me. Like Reply More 29 mins You want to pay
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    facebook status free xbox Does anyone have an old Xbox/PS4 to give away for free? My sons want a gaming system for xmas, but I don't want to pay retail prices thanks Love Comment hey apartments and we have an old Wii system with all the games. It works perfectly, if you want it! It's yours for free ., we happen to be moving 13 mins Love Reply More That's very nice of you but it's a no from me 1 14 mins Reply Wow More Write a reply... Reply I'm going to upgrade soon. I'll give you a goo
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    facebook post looking for house- Posts Garage Sale Site NO RULES 1 hour ago Need a room or apartment $100 Queensbury, NY Looking for a fully furnished apartment or even a room i that includes all utilities, full digital cable, hi speed WIFI, garbage, lawn and snow removal. Must have washer and dryer and I prefer multiple refrigerators if sharing with anyone else. Must allow three large dogs and have a big property so I can just let them run loose.
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    facebook post chef Glasgow Chefs 11 hours ago Hi all I'm looking for a pizza chef job. I want 12£ per hours plus tips! I only want to do pizza, I don't want to help anybody, to do any another preap, I won't help anybody or sending any another food, I just want to do my corner. If is quite I want to seat relax my legs. And I don't want to go break if quite. Olso I will like do decide my day off.... Wednesday Thursday and
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    facebook post babysitter looking for a babysitter in the area.... looking for a babysitter in the area. PM me if you're interested here are my requirements! 1.) Have A Bachelors Degree in Childcare OR 9 years of relevant babysitting experience 2.) 3 Good References with Phone Numbers 3.) Full Time Availability inc. weekends 4.) Your Own Car and Driving License 5.) Native English Speaking and preferred second language to teach to my children 6.) CPR certified. I
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    messages about car Hey, is the car still available? Hello! Yes, it's still available. It's gotten lots of interest, so if you want to come see it, let me know ASAP :). That sounds great. Thanks so much, I'll definitely consider it a strong option when can you come by to see it? As of right now, I'm not exactly sure. I'm checking out a few cars in the area tomorrow. Then the next day I work full time and won't get the chance I'm thinking sometime next week That doesn't fly w
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    Text - I need aman to help clear my garden,no pay but a warm cup of tea if you clear 60ft of rubbish, bring your own lunch. me Coffee_life views 4m London, England, GB Heart Reply Chat POST THE FIRST REPLY
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    im feeling pretty low today. im going to need all of yer support, and asap. im JUST so fucking DONE. DONE trying to convince people how amazing our products are. DONE spending every god damned free minute i have posting on social media. i feel sick and tired of messaging every person ive ever known and getting RE-FUCKING-JECTED time and time again. my friends unfriended me, telling me I'm USING THEM TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK. and to top it all off??? I quit my fu
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    Text My internship u dropped me for trying to advance my business a aoaaa Being a driven entrepreneur is apparently "aggressive and goes against company policy." Fucking assholes don't know talent!! Please support America's next great philosopher/business man by buying my amazing products. Since I'm now unemployed, please feel free to donate to my PayPal. If you donate, please feel free to sweeten the deal with any gifts $50 or above. Please don't expect monetary repayment. My appreciation is


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