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In Case You Missed It, Here's the Absolute Best of the 2016 Grammy Awards

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    Zendaya's Mullet

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    People weren't very impressed by this experimental hair-do.
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    Some Saw It as a David Bowie Tribute, but Who Was It Really For?

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    Adele's Response to Criticism of Her Performance

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    Some people thought that sound issues ruined her performance. It's ok though, she has a delicious plan to make it right.
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    Dave Grohl's Red Solo Cup

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    How else will you dance with a drink in hand if it's not in a red solo cup?

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    Lady Gaga's David Bowie Tribute

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    Her outfit was pretty cool but the performance was everything you might expect from Lady Gaga doing a tribute to David Bowie. Lots of costume changes and even some crazy face-mapping technology.

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    Justin Bieber and James Corden Singing in the Car

  • 7

    Interns Were Making Rounds to Make Sure That Everyone Had Access to a Hot McMuffin

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    And Billboard Tweeted Ads in Weird Places in Honor of Those McMuffins

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  • 9

    That Earned Them Some Fair Criticism

    Cheezburger Image 8751537664
    via @AntBejarano
  • 10

    Taylor Swift Became the First Woman to Win Album of the Year Twice

    She also uses the speech to get back at Kanye West. In his newest album he has lyrics that reference Taylor Swift saying, "I made that b**ch famous" so her reference to people undermining her fame seems pretty pointed.
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  • 11

    Kendrick Lamar Scared Some White People

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    His performance was powerful and it definitely made a statement.

    With references to Black culture and problems that Black people face, predictions have been made that his performance will be received similarly to Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime show.

    via @ChefMabrie
  • 12

    James Corden Explains How the Grammys Would Have Gone if Rihanna Was Able to Perform

  • 13

    The Greatest Anti-Smoking Commercial Aired During the Grammys

    Finally, someone created an anti-smoking campaign that gets to the really important issues.

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