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More Couples Are Signing "Pet Prenups" Before Marriage

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    According to ABC News, more and more pet-owners — especially millennials, many of whom are marrying later and remain children of divorce themselves — consider pet pre-nuptials pretty much essential to a modern union.

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    Just like with real babies, these legally binding documents can layout plans for sole/joint custody arrangement, parental support, veterinary care, and even offer roadmaps in case of medical crisis.


    Some arrangements even call for kids and pets to move between recently-divided households together, allowing both to draw strength and support from their emotional bond.

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    Attorneys report a growing trend in pet prenups over the years, as increasing numbers of clients recognize the value in planning ahead.


     Pet prenups can offer conscientious pet owners important peace of mind, and can help avoid future showdowns. Attorneys also find pet prenups a useful means of protecting clients from manipulative former spouses determined to exploit their client's emotional attachment to the family pet for financial gain.


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