A Scared And Abandoned Pup Gets Rescued And You Can Feel The Gratitude

A beautiful pup was abandon and terrified until an inspector with patience, and a heart of gold came to help. 

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    Meet Possum

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    Possum, a one-year-old Kelpie, was abandoned in the backyard of a property north of Perth.

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    Enter Inspector Sam

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    Possum was absolutely terrified when RSPCA WA Inspector Sam attended the property and would run and cower whenever Sam tried to get close enough to rescue her.

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    Gaining trust

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    Inspector Sam left food and water, returning daily to the property over the course of a week to gain Possum's trust.

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    Inspector Sam was finally able to rescue Possum. She was so fearful, Inspector Sam had to carry her to the car.

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    New environment

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    Within moments of arriving at RSPCA WA's Animal Care Centre, Possum's demeanor changed completely.

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    A happy Possum

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    Possum transformed into an affectionate, adoring dog, and was adopted by a loving family within a few weeks! Thanks, Inspector Sam! 

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