'The Lion King' Becomes a Slightly Different Story When Retold as If Simba and Nala Were "From the Hood"

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    Lion - King Ratch-lt Ralph @SINice Feb 11 If Simba and Nala were from the hood. 1 4.6K 3.5K King Ratch-lt Ralph @SINice Follow "Damn girl, bring that ass here" "Chill boy, u know I gotta go to work"
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    Lion - "Love ya babe. Have a good day at work" "Love you too. Don't bring my car back with no gas this time"
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    Wildlife - "Here come Marcus, Nala." "Why u telling me, that's yo man" "Only in my mind lol...but we know he wants u"
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    Lion - "Hey ladies. How you doing today Nala?"
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    Lion - "Ha, I feel u on that. But did u think about my offer to let me take u out so l show u a good time?"
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    Wildlife - "Now Marcus, you know I got a man" "Hold up, I'm just saying as friends. U can't have friends outside of work?"
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    Lion - "Aye, AYE, baby with the strips! Come holla at a G!"
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    Wildlife - "Heeeeyyyyy Marcus, we doing good bout to get this work day started"
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    Lion - "Oh, look who decided to show up. Yo ass always doing this s t. Move, I'm driving" JOSHUA SUTHERLAND
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    Mammal - "Bitch, I know you hear me talking to you"
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    Wildlife - "Girl aint that Simba over there flirting w/ Kisha?" "Yeah, u know she done had everybody" "Nala gone f k her up"
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    Lion - "Damn, get in, u always starting s t. It was f king traffic, how bout a hey baby or some s t"
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    Wildlife - "Don't tell me what to do! Now drop me off at Tasha's, I gotta get my hair did and u got me running late" RF BRF
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    Wildlife - "Hey girl. Sorry I'm late. Simba sorry ass took all day to get me from work" "Bitc.... got to tell u something" FUOMSON BA RANDY HANNA
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    Wildlife - "What girl" "Well, I hate to tell u but Tavons baby mama cousin said she saw Simba flirting with that hoe Kisha"
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    Wildlife - "Come on girl, she stay right around the corner too" "Bet, lets go see that bitch right now"
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    Lion - *later* "WHO TF IS KISHA? And don't play dumb." tEarwon
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    Lion - "Mannnnn, u tripping" "TRIPPING?! U playing with me like I'm one of these dumb bitches u use to" gettyimages Beverly Joubert 170080115
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    Lion - "Look at me. You know I love you and ain't worried bout none of this bitches out here. Give me a kiss?" 123RF 23RF 123RF 23RF 129RE 123RE
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    Lion - "U good now? What's for dinner? U should make some antelope tacos"

    To be continued?


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