Delayed Armageddon of the Day: The World Didn't End After the Blood Moon, But You Can Still Watch These Neat Time Lapses of It

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Sorry, you guys. Maybe the world can end next time.

As we wrote about last week, there were a few megachurch preachers who were really, really, really, banking on last nights super blood moon to mark the start of Revelations and bring on the apocalypse already. Well, we're sad to say it didn't.

What we can say is that it provided one super beautiful spectacle in the sky. Numerous people took advantage and shot some lovely time lapse videos that we can watch, wistfully remembering a more hopeful time when we were planning for the rapture.

If you slept through the eclipse, and the cancelled Armageddon, you may be wondering just what in the hell a super blood moon is. A super moon is when a full moon is at its closest orbit to Earth and the blood moon part indicates the fourth lunar eclipse this year. The two coincided and we were hoping the world would be bathed in the cleaning flames of infinite justice. But nope.

The next super blood moon will occur in 2033. So, stalk up on water and canned goods. Plenty of time to build that fall out shelter.

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