18 Pure And Hilarious Mom Moments That Will Leave You Smiling

  • 1
    Nose - Some people sneak snacks into the theater, My mom sneaks in corn on the cobb...
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  • 2
    mons Mom ordered a"mixer"off the internet. ROXY
  • 3
    Cat - She made the cat and Imathcing ties for my birthday.e
  • 4
    Crochet - Mom knitted me a heart-shapped bookmark..
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  • 5
    Nature - Friend's mom printed and framed a picture from Facebook A Mbplade Muniner Ceis med Ct oenterx Dila den 14 anda gitar deta Tagg folor Opens Soevire
  • 6
    Comfort food - My mom was so excited that she'd gotten me a Pokemon cake I didn't have the heart to tell her. Instead, I told her how much I loved "pigachu
  • 7
    Property - My mom just got her first oven with a window.
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  • 8
    Christmas tree - There were boobs on the TV
  • 9
    Product - #Pad Air Should I tell her she's supposed to take it out of the box?
  • 10
    Dish - Sent my mom this picture. She kept complaining that she couldn't get it to play,
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  • 11
    Photo caption - We've been putting this little Chewbacca on the Christmas tre for ages. Ijust found out my mom has always thought it was a gingerbread man.
  • 12
    Grass - Heard my mom talking to someone. Looked out the window and saw this.
  • 13
    Hand - My pencil broke during a road trip, so I sarcastically asked if anyone had a pencil sharpener. Mom whipped this out...
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  • 14
    Flowerpot - After five years, my mom finally realized the plants she was taking care of are plastic.
  • 15
    Text - Cear Sde bbage She couldn't figure out how to take a screen cap, so she scanned her phone.
  • 16
    Couch - Staying at my parent's for the night. Mom prepared the couch for me Im 27...
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  • 17
    Wire - My mom told me the new surge protector wasn't working. I came home to this...
  • 18
    Finger - InkWorks InkWorks DNEP 0.7 0.7 pen + Bookmark NO gel Signet Bollgredo de gel e Marcalibro Enart Styte Si Bollce de gets Maal Mom bought my boyfriend and backto school pens We're seniors In college SUPERMAN SUP


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