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CNN Ran a False Story About Marco Rubio, Now Twitter Is Having Some Fun With #CNNHeadlines

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    The CNN Report That Started It All

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    Rubio's Communications Director Is, Understandably, Pretty Angry

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    And it seems like CNN cancelled his appearance with Anderson Cooper to avoid letting that play out on their show.
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    And If You Think He's Overreacting, Apparently CNN's "Source" Subtly Changed a Few Times

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    Which is one of the things even non-supporters are mad about.
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    And for That Mistake, CNN Has Earned the Derision of All of Twitter

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    via @jvscoundrel, @AG_Conservative, @MrFlanderson,
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    via @MBGlenn, @ccarolson, @cabot_phillips,
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    Actually, in This Case, He's Probably a Reliable Source

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    At least you can identify him.
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