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Track Dolphins, Sharks, Seals, And Turtles All In Real Time

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    About Ocearch

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    Their mission is to return the balance and abundance to the ocean, through research, education and previously unattainable data in the ocean. So far, they have tagged 330 animals and you can watch and follow their journey, in the deep blue sea! 

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    Tagged animals

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    On the left, you can see all the different animals tagged from sea turtles to whale sharks to seals! 

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    Upon selection, you are then able to see where each animal is currently in their lifespan.

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    Distance traveled

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    As well as the distance they have traveled since they were tagged.

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    Check out all those sharks

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    And sea turtles in warmer waters

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    If you wish to help Ocearch some more with their research expeditions, you can donate on their site! 


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