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Here's How You Can Catify Your Home Windows

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    This kitchen had the perfect window just waiting to be catified!

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    So that's exactly what Kate Benjamin did:


    Before there was nothing to entice kitty to jump up and enjoy the view, so we added a thick shag carpet, some risers with fleece mats to create different levels, a sisal-wrapped scratcher and some fresh, potted cat grass and catnip. We even hung stuffed bird toys from the glass ceiling in the space, so kitty can swat at them when she sees real birds outside.

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    s you can see, this lucky cat now enjoys her luxury window perch, where she spends most of her time.

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    If you don’t have a built-in window perch waiting to be decorated, the easiest thing you can do is move a cat tree in front of the window and, voila! Instant lookout!


    Pick a cat tree or tower that has sizeable platforms that let kitty lounge while she's watching the scenery. Maybe add a soft blanket or a bed to her favorite perch on the tower.

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    Whenever possible, add birdfeeders or plants outside the window that will attract wildlife. This will keep your cat engaged and entertained.


     Also give her plenty of toys inside for her to "catch" and play with after seeing the action outside where she can't reach it.

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    For those of you who are a bit handier, install a shelf to create a spot for your cat to look out the window.


    Simple finished shelves from any hardware or home improvement store work perfectly — just add a non-slip surface, like carpet or a strip of yoga mat, to the top and anchor the shelf securely to the wall, ideally into the studs. If the shelf is up high, give kitty an easy way to get on and off the shelf without having to jump too far.


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