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The Pebble Island Is a Heaven Of Animals And It Is Now For Sale

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    This little patch of land has its own little mountain range, lakes, cliffs, and a pebble beach after which the island was named. As far as geography goes, it has just about everything.

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    Not only is this island diverse in geography, but it has plenty of wildlife to support.

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    Pebble Island is home to 5 different species of penguins and 42 species of birds. It hosts 6,000 sheep, 125 cattle, and plenty of sea lions.

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    If you love spending time with nature, this is definitely the place to be.

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    There won't be many neighbors to scare off the animals, and you will have plenty of opportunities to get lost in a sea of beautiful animals.Of course, with all those creatures comes a lot of work. Some of the animals on the island need to be cared for.

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    It is home to a thriving sheep farm, established when it was purchased, 125 cattle to boost the island's market, a wind turbine and solar panels to generate power. It is also an International Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA).

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    Sam Harris, a man from Pembrokeshire, is the current owner of the island. The land mass has been in his family for 150 years.

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    Sam's great-great-grandfather, John Markham Dean, bought it in 1869 for just £400. He originally traveled to the island to set up a fish curing business after retiring from his job as a butcher. The island has stayed in the family's possession for all this time, although none of them have lived on the island since the 1950s. Rather, the island has been managed remotely by Sam's mother, Claire, who is based in the UK. The family possessed other islands as well, but they sold them off as time went by. Pebble Island is the last one in their possession, and they are ready to accept a fair offer for the land.


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