32 Assorted Memes That Are Completely Pointless

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    Dog - Interviewer: so, tell me what special skills you have Ме:
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    Text - lilith @getttingsodas some of yall didn't get called out in middle school by some boy in the hallway saying "aye he likes you" and his friend responds "no tf I don't she's f in ugly af wtf" and it shows
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    Floor - Feel you mate. 3h ago He checked his balance then fainted
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    Text - Anonessential government oilsA @babadookspinoza The year is 2035. Marie Kondo holds up the condemned man to the crowd. "Does this man spark joy?" The crowd jeers, "No he does not!" She nods silently and throws him into the pit.
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    Property - My son asked me why we don't ever open the door to let some fresh air in.
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    Text - nolan Follow @nature_boy_15 Ordering a pizza in a snowstorm is such a d move lol. Oh the roads are too bad to drive but let's see if this 17 yr old kid can make it in his '04 kia
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    Rectangle - heartthrob @geijutsucutie it be like that EMPLOYEES MUST STOP CRYING BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK
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    Product - Toyaa @AfricanDynasty3 Mom; "Come Outside I Got Groceries" Мeе:
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    Text - "BRUH this is the worst week of my life." "Dude it's Tuesday. Get your sh t together." @overhearduniversity
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    Text - Sean Holloway @CoolSeanDotCom At my wedding, youll be able to come alone, bring a Plus One, or choose a Minus One, where you can uninvite one person of your choosing, no questions asked
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    Face - Make up mirror for sale £8 GBP Posted over a week ago Ask for Details This automatically sends a message to the seller asking about availability.
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    Text - Caroline Darya Framke @carolineframke Hulu surprise dropping its Fyre Fest documentary today, mere days before Netflix was set to drop its own, is the level of aggressive pettiness I'm here for FYRE THE GREATEST PARTY THAT NEVER HAPPENEO A hulu bocuMENTARY FYRE FRA U D NOW STREAMING hulu 10:21 AM 1/14/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Thread Puppet @puppetsucks apple should just make an app with all of the face ID data called doppelgänger where you just go online and see all the people in the world who have your exact face and you can message them "yo what's up we are the same dude lol" 20:53 10/01/2019 Twitter for iPhone 2 Retweets 44 Likes
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    Text - Becca Carnahan @with_love_becca Any other parents out there go into panic mode when presented with an hour of alone time? Should I read a book? Clean the house? Take up knitting? Learn German? Train for my black belt? Solve world hunger? OMG, do all the things!!! Andddd your hour is up.
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    Text - Jalin Nicole @_SOfetch Adulting is finally understanding why your mom was so upset with you when you didn't take the chicken out of the freezer
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    Library - Sarah Solomon @sarahsolfails My dad and I have a tradition of putting me in the Costco cart and now that I'm nearly 30 we realized it's bordering on sad ON
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    Text - jodie @jodieegrace I'm pretty sure I deleted all photos that I had of myself from 2009 and within good reason
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    Text - Victoria/V.E. Schwab @veschwab Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to spend at least 60 seconds thinking about all the ways you are awesome. 7:51 AM Jan 8, 2019 Twitter Web Client
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    Snout - Benjamin @hozierun Me: Hi ma'am how are u today Customer: *ignores me* Me: PETTY MAYONNAISE
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    Text - A kid born in 2010 is now 18 years. Let that sink in. 7:58 PM 18 Jul 18 from. 476 Retweets 833 Likes I never thought I would need to explain a basic math but since we here. Kid born in 2010, now is 2018... so you add the 10 to 8 18. Simple Math So the kid is 18yrs in 2018. Simple. 包 82 79 150
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    Hair - When the cashier asks if you have a Walgreens card but little does she know, you have enough reward points to get 5 dollars off eamtysweaters
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    Text - Lady of Barovia @LadyAhiru "I'lI DM you," I said. You sit patiently, expecting a private message at any moment. There's a knock at your door. It's me, dressed in a surprisingly well made wizard robe, arms full of books and dice. "Roll for initiative." I utter.
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    Text - a-fragile-sort-of-anarchy How come reading tea leaves is seen as this sophisticated, witchy thing but if I slam dunk an open can of Chef Boyardee ravioli onto the pavement in the gas station parking lot to see what kind of soda the old ones think I should buy, foodstuff divination suddenly isn't cool anymore?
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    Photo caption - When your mom calls you for dinner, claiming its ready ppeal So that was a f ing lie
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    Text - Ken @knr_1995 when you first start getting tattoos* I'll only get tattoos if they have significance and meaning. *a few tattoos later* want a paper clip tattooed on me. I ing love paper clips f
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    Text - mintyton Love is dead and never existed. All you did was betray me as I lay sick and festering. You are the definition of dread. the-starstruck-prince Are you okay??? mintyton My cat stole myf ign garlic bread
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    Cartoon - "Dont change the channel I was watching that"
  • 28
    Text - This is deep... Be a bottle of water. Not a bottle of soda Explain that to me Delivered The bottle is you. What's inside is your emotions/reactions. The outside world and people are gonna attack you and rattle/shake you from time to time. If you shake a bottle of soda, when you finally open up you're gonna explode. But if you shake a water bottle, once you open up it's the same calm water it was before it got shook up. Don't let other people and this world disrupt your inner peace
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    Text - khyamii from 79th @itsKhyamii So this lady came in this morning and walked up to the front desk to greet us before gasping loudly and saying "I forgot my dog" She forgot to bring her dog with her To the VET
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    Dog - Juan_Flores @J_Flores991. My parents just bought another dog and my current dog is home all dressed up waiting to meet him
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    Text - Idon't remember what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I'm sure it wasn't an anxiety ridden, people hating, sarcastic hwith a wine problem. b
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    Food - Dewayne "Not Dwayne" Perkins @DewaynePerkins You're a mean one Mr. SPINCH


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