I Can Has Cheezburger?

When You Wake Up In The Morning And See a Herd Of Goats Running Wild Through Your Neighborhood

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    According to KTVB the escaped goats first showed up at about 7 a.m. and were literally going on a snacking tour from yard to yard.

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    The goats were eating everything in sight including grass, rose bushes, and any low hanging shrubs they could find.

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    Soon, a crowd started to gather as people came out of their houses to snap photos and figure out what exactly was going on.

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    Some people even started making friends with the friendly animals, petting them as they waited for animal control to arrive. We'd be willing to bet that no one in the West Boise neighborhood ever expected that was how their day was going to start.

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    Luckily, however, the people responsible for the army of goats running down the street soon showed up to save the day.

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    It turns out, they were owned by local company We Rent Goats, who advertise their business as "a better way to get rid of noxious weeds; protect structures from wildfire". Apparently, the goats had been grazing at a nearby storm retention pond when they broke free of the fencing and when decided to continue on to greener pastures — mainly the neighbor's lawns and gardens.

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    The owners of the business, Kim Gabica and her husband Matt, pulled up with their big goat trailer and worked with the neighbors to round up the herd and get them all back onto the truck.

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    It was definitely an exciting day for the goats, getting to explore all over on a grand adventure like that.


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