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Beijing Engineer Has Created The World's First AI Cat Shelter That Will Identify, Feed, And Warm Stray Cats

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    Shelter, Food, and Fighting Diseases

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    Wan Xi told China Morning Daily, 'At first, I just wanted to provide them with a warm place in winter with food and water that is not frozen.' But then his vision soon evolved when he realized just what this innovative shelter could be capable of. 

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    The makeshift refuge provides felines with food and water, plus a temperature-controlled environment which keeps the mercury at 27°C. Not only that, through the use of a smart camera, it also identifies 174 different types of cats and will flag any who are detected with a disease. If a cat is flagged, fortunately, the shelter is manned by a team of volunteers who are then alerted and help get the cats proper care.

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    Not all heroes wear capes

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    Thank you Wan Xi for this incredible and thoughtful invention!


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