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Blue Baby Penguin Was Spotted On The Beach In New Zealand, Looking For His Mom

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    Jeff Mein Smith said he noticed Billy standing in the sand while he was riding his bike by a stretch of the coast.

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    It wasn't long before a crowd had formed to observe the little blue penguin.

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    Smith went home to grab his camera. When he returned he found that someone had left a sign advising people how to appropriately act around the penguin.

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    "Apparently some people let their dogs chase it initially," Smith told Stuff.co.nz. The sign basically asked people to leave him the heck alone. Ironically enough, Billy ended up hanging around the sign. Maybe he knew it would keep him safe. 

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    Billy was picked up by the D.O.C. later that day after it was determined that he was old enough to be out on his own.

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    And it's a good thing too, he was found to be drastically underweight. But he's in good hands now. "It's unusual for a blue penguin to be out in the open on the beach during the day. Normally they are at sea or in burrows during the day," D.O.C. senior ranger Anita Spencer said. "[Billy] will be taken to the Christchurch penguin rehabilitation center, where it will be assessed and cared for."


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