I Can Has Cheezburger?

Join Us For The New Adventures Of Locas, Our Favorite Spider

  • 1

    I'm Starving

    What's a spider gotta do to get some food around here?! Wait...what does Lucas eat??

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  • 2

    New Friend

    Just as Lucas the Spider had started to lose all hope for a new friend, his bell started ringing! Who could it be?! Follow Lucas's exciting new adventure to find out!

  • 3


    Zzzz… Lucas the Spider is a very sleepy animal! I hope he finds a cozy spot to rest his big eyes. Sweet dreams!

  • 4

    Polar Bear

    Who is that big and furry animal? Lucas the Spider would love to make a new friend, so let's hope he solves this mystery!  

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    Winning Webs

    Lucas the Spider isn't just cute and funny animal, he's smart too! He isn't about to let a little adversity keep him down. Anything is possible for this animal because he dreams big!


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