Crowdsourcing Project of the Day: Redditors Launch a Short-Lived Manhunt for The Navy Yard Shooter

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In the wake of today's fatal shootings at the Washington Navy Yard that left at least a dozen of people dead, several Redditors apparently began organizing a manhunt in an attempt to identify the shooter under the newly launched /r/findnavyyardshooters subreddit, though it was promptly banned from the site after many ignored the community's only rule which stated "NO PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT LEADS UNLESS YOU'RE REALLY SURE." While many seem to agree with the site administrator's decision, reminding themselves of the infamous sleuthing that took place earlier this year during the Boston Marathon bomber manhunt, others on the site have raised questions over whether it was meant to be satirical from the beginning, given the tongue-in-cheek tone of several posts (like this one) that made their way onto the subreddit prior to its removal.

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