37 Frivolous Memes For When You Need A Little Funny In Your Life

  • 1
    blair from gossip girl doing wtf face The only facial expression I've had for the last two years
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  • 2
    still of actor from the room superman: *wears glasses* All his friends: oh hi Clark
  • 3
    fish from spongebob squarepants looking at cup and drinking it me sad music that makes me feel even sadder
  • 4
    homer simpson snuggled in bed sleeping so what do you like to do for fun? me:
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  • 5
    twitter poll about bernie sanders growing beard Why do YOU want Bernie to grow beard for 2020? Sexual reasons 49% Political/cultural 15% Religious/Astrological 19% Personal/other 17% 16,821 votes Final results
  • 6
    picture of will smith and dog from i am legend football player being interviewedDo You Remember Abbey, The Dog From 'I Am Leaend'? She Is Now 13 And Still A Good Girl NEW They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
  • 7
    two men lying in bed naked with a chicken between then this PETA ad looks like they had a threesome with a chicken and it blew their minds MEAT INTERRUPTS YOUR SEX LIFE | PETA Meat and dairy clog your arteries and can lead to erectile dysfunction Fruits and vegetables do quite the opposite. Go vegan.
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  • 8
    washington post article Why is millennial humor so weird? Comedy that appeals to young people can be surreal and dark and completely meaningless. By Elizabeth Bruenig August 11 14 MY MEATBALS ARE TOO SPICE I NEED TO SIPPP SOME COLD SYRUP I
  • 9
    ufo lifting person up into sky People wearing pajama pants in public Lotto tickets
  • 10
    boyfriend looking at girl me my tits sleeping on my stomach
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  • 11
    advertisement with smiling doctor I'LL VACCINATE ANYTHING! A dog? Grandparents? Shoes? Food? OWILL VACCINATE WHATEVER YOU BRING TO ME I have developed vaccines for EVERY DISEASE including HORSE FEVER, HORSE FLU, and HORSE MANIA fcan get my needle in it O WILL VACCINATE IT WALK-INS WELCOME Lil Benny's Medical Hut 15010 South State Hwy 31 FREE DVD Gretna, NE 68028 with every vaccinel FB.COM/ALANWAGNERANDHISVIDS
  • 12
    dramatic movie poster with picture of windows new folder FROM THE CREATOR OF "NEW FOLDER" AND "NEW FOLDER (2) " New folder New folder (2) New folder (3) NEW FOLDER (3) ERE .c COMING SOON
  • 13
    girl and guy kissing at party and nerdy guy standing behind them holding balloons Neutron Proton Eléctron
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  • 14
    mug shot of guy and muscled cartoon character Florida Man Confesses to Attempting to 'Barbecue' Child Molesters MAY 07,208-9.57 AM fvF You are bad guy But this does not mean you are bad guy
  • 15
    person looking through big binoculars at you ah thats hot thats real hot you
  • 16
    alien mother hiding from alien baby HAVE I CEASED TO EXIST ? DECEPT ION HAVE NOT
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  • 17
    test sheet with child's writing on it Sometimes it really does feel like it... BORED TEACHERS 3. What are 2 jobs that work with animals? Keeper KKCachrer 4. Name 2 places where you can buy food.
  • 18
    man being interviewed wearing big white afro wig The perfect job doesn't exi- Gary Spivey TLC Anime Tiddies Expert
  • 19
    twitter post Do French people smoke weed or oui'd
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  • 20
    picture of coyote quick animal facts: most coyotes are illiterate
  • 21
    Text from reddit curiosity-door-locked GUYS the 80s are back!!!! Wars, high waisted jeans, over sized sweaters, flannels, horrible republican government, conflict with Russia, the ever impending threat of Nuclear Anihilation, scrunchies, idk-i-cant-think synthpop, bomber jackets, a tyrannical mad woman runs the uk, incompetent child runs the us, the entire worlds in an economic crisis, doctor who starstuffandalotofcoffee is this we didn't start the fire
  • 22
    smiling guy taking selfie in front of burning house My mental state Me pretending everything is perfectly fine BASEKLN
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  • 23
    4 panel picture of cartoon jar talking almond butter more expensive than peanut butter
  • 24
    picture of imagine dragons band holy shit every person in Imagine Dragons is just a macklemore from a different universe
  • 25
    pokemon character looking hopeless That feeling when you're a Water/ Ground type and are about to get hit with a single blade of grass: guess ill die
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  • 26
    jeep parked on pile of snow Nobody: Every single jeep owner in a parking lot with plenty of regular open spots:
  • 27
    simple cartoon figure wearing glasses leaning into room of people Is this the blind convention? DEAF CONVENTION Well?? Is it??1? CONFUSION I00
  • 28
    picture of wine lemonade raspberries When I say "girls night" I mean wine blackouts in my living room while we bump 2000s hits bitch come ov Simply @beingteen Jenonade rsp berry MOKCATO
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  • 29
    girl talking When PETA disrespects the memory of Steve Irwin and the entire internet overwhelmingly unites against them Tam so proud of this community
  • 30
    boy looking sad Kids today won't know, that Scotty doesn't know
  • 31
    fat dog smiling in front of big frosted cake Me: I'm going to start eating healthy Also me:
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  • 32
    cartoon character crying about picture of turtle me when i use a plastic straw: 0have failed you.
  • 33
    aslan lion from narnia When a child tries to explain something about Pokemon Do not cite the deep magic to me ỹtch. I was there when it was written.
  • 34
    picture of woman in black next to old fashioned stroller i love that kat stays true to the vintage aesthetic she loves with the stroller, the colors, diseases from the 1800 she's bringing back by not vaccinating her child. Truly lovely.
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  • 35
    picture of phallic building from above at day and night "I do like it but don't you think perhaps it's a little little bit too penisy?" you know... a Architect: "Don't worry, there'll be so many fireworks and lights on the launch night, nobody will ever notice"
  • 36
    Cartoon drawing of girl getting thrown away by wind - Careful the wind's pretty bad today Lol, I not scared of o litle AIR YEET HNOO00
  • 37
    screenshot of text messages my dad has all his kids in a gc just to say things like this Dad Good morning My sperms


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