Viola Davis Talks About That Time Jared Leto Sent the Cast of Suicide Squad a Dead Pig

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Hopefully, you're not tired of hearing about how Jared Leto is SO METHOD because if you watch this video you're about to hear it again.  Viola Davis, the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for outstanding actress in a drama series, talks about her experiences in Hollywood and what it was like to win that Emmy. 

Then around the 1:54 mark she talks about her role in Suicide Squad, and by that we mean, she talks about Jared Leto's method acting.  She details what it was like to be in the cast when he sent someone by with a dead pig and a video introducing himself. 

The response to his new Joker has been mixed, some people are very excited. Others...not so much. 

via gifmovie

Either way, we'll all have to wait until August 5th to find out if this movie is all it's cracked up to be. 

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