30 Anti-Vaxx Memes That Reject The Dumb Movement

  • jim the office smiling behind blinds My anti-vaxx mom: I didn't get my son vaccinated and he is still a healthy teenager My dad, who got me secretly vaccinated:
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  • picture of alcohol shots with lime and picture of needle in vaccination shot Teens sneaking out to get shots 2019 1999 M-M-RTM Measles, Mompt and Is5 dese ofn ths 1000 E nd 1000
  • long white bridge over water Anti-vaxxer logic Hmm... This bridge is only 99.997% safe. I think I'll swim
  • woman doctor talking to other woman - Does it hurt? Yes, it does! Are we going to vaccinate the kid or should I smack you again?
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  • military men trying to break into door held by cheetos chip Hepatitis SHERIF Polio Tetanus Essential oils
  • cartoon drawing of boy talking to genie It is I wish vaccines weren't causing autism NothiNG's CoRRect changed
  • freddie mercury singing into microphone When you sneeze on the non-vaxxed kid Mama, just killed a man
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  • man in car with little girl Many top scientists are on the autism spectrum So technicaly autism causes vaccines
  • close up macro photo of organism with scary mouth and teeth When you're a preventable disease and you hear people aren't vaccinating anymore [laughs microscopically]
  • rick and morty with green character When someone says they won't vaccinate their kid Well that just sounds like ubortion with extra sstepst
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  • dr gregory house talking to blonde woman We are not vaccinating. Missing her vaccinations? You know what is a good business? Teeny tiny baby coffins. You can get them in frog green or fire engine red.
  • kid swimming in pool and close up of polio cell Antivax kid on the pool Marco! Polio
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  • woman looking confused Me: *uses facts and logic to prove that vaccines are good for you* Anti-vaxxers: Stop violating me with your different opinion!
  • little boy in child car seat wearing sunglasses doing thumbs up When your uncle picks you up from school and says he'll get you vaccinated if you stay quiet
  • drawings of skulls all the same except one We are all the same underneath. Except some White Black Asian "Vaccines Gay Straight cause autism"
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  • norman osborne When the doctors tell you that not vaccinating your son is very dangerous but you read a blog on the internet You know, I'm something of a scientist myself
  • woman texting on phone and people using ouija board How normal parents talk to their children How anti-vaxx parents talk to their children
  • boyfriend checking out other girl meme Anti-Vaxxers Flat-Earthers Using actual evidence from credible sources
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  • man tapping his head Anti-vaxxer logic CAN'T GET AUTISM IF YOU DIE FROM POLIO
  • family sitting at table eating healthy breakfast Girl: why don't we get vaccines? Dad: honey why would we trust doctors when we can trust the internet? Boy: I miss my brother Girl: my blood hurts
  • spongebob and patrick holding a coffin open Kid: *turns 3 years old* Anti-vax parents: CO Okay, getin
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  • venn diagram Not giving Anti-vaxxersshots to Resposible bartender babies
  • patrick from spongebob crossing his arms Kid: I want to live to be 100 years old Antivax mom: Three. Take it or leave it
  • news article picture of woman in pink scarf Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times... ABCNEWS GO.COM Anti-Vaxxer Mom Changes Mind After Her Three Kids Fall II Kristen O'Meara was a big believer in anti-vaccination research and she chose
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  • pokemon game AntiVaox GO CAMERA CAMERA MEASLES CHICKENPOX CP 128 POLIO CR 381 Gotta catch emall!
  • man from video game in trenchcoat and hat putting out hand to stop person Kid: When I grow up Anti vaxxers: I'm gonna stop you right there
  • Transport officer on bus to boy sitting in seat- Excuse me sir this seat is exclusive for disabled people Vaccines cause autism Ok, sorry to bother you sir
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  • guy getting vaccine in upper arm looking at it excitedly When you finally turn 18 and get your vaccines
  • boy holding cross and looking worried Medicine: *exists* Anti-vaxxers:
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