Final Fantasy XV Story Trailer Suggests a Welcomed Return to One of the Greatest Video Game Franchises of All Time.

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You've gotta' love how they incorporate Florence and the Machine's latest track, 'Stand By Me' into the background. Anyone else out there havin flashbacks to when they used Leona Lewis' "My Hands" for the Final Fantasy XIII trailer/commercial? 

On the potentially more critical end of the spectrum, I can't help but ask what I imagine plenty of you out there are wondering along with myself: why the hell post what could've completely taken the video game announcement trailer world by storm in potato quality?

Ah well. The game itself is worthy of all the hype it's getting, like from this fan:

Woah man, woah indeed. If your curiosity's particularly aroused, definitely check out this footage from a live stream of the Final Fantasy XV demo:

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