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Imgur User Shares Footage And Facts About Horseshoe Crabs (7 Gifs And Pics)

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    Old barnacle crusted crab

    "Although they look creepy and dangerous, their 12 claws are not strong enough to hurt a person. And that crazy tail that looks like something meant to impale a human is just used to right themselves if they end up on their back. They don't have teeth either. They used to be considered a nuisance and an eyesore when they gathered in huge numbers on the east coast of the U.S. They were often used for fertilizer. Now we have come to realize their blue blood has valuable medical secrets to unlock and it is used in the detection of bacterial endotoxins in medical applications."

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    "It has 10 eyes, 12 claws, & blue blood worth $15,000 per quart"

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    "The horseshoe crab used to be used for fertilizer and fishing bait before its value to medical science was realized. It was considered a nuisance for a long time. Link to original video."

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    Horseshoe crab swimming

    "It's very unusual to see a horseshoe crab swimming, especially in open water. They normally just crawl around on the bottom."

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    A horseshoe crab exoskeleton

    Cheezburger Image 9282918912
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    Horseshoe mating

    "Horseshoe crabs trying to get in position to make more horseshoe crabs"

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    "Horseshoe crab scurrying along the bottom in really clear water"

    Here's a Horseshoe crab looking for a bite to eat!

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    Thanks @SeeThroughCanoe for the cool facts!


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