The Internet Is Sharing Their Hilarious Theories to How Instagram's New Logo Came to Be

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    Durexcellent Resemblance

    Product - Jason Follow @ayyjqce I thought this logo seemed familiar @instagram durex Pleasuremax Pleasure Me- Ribbed & dotted for extra stimulation 10 candams
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    Choosing the Perfect Background Isn't Easy

    Text - Madison M. K. Follow @4evrmalone Really impressed with all the time and effort that went into redesigning the Instagram logo. Per Me Sh w ad - tham P Click to add title Click to add subtitle
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    A Sacrifice Was Made

    Product - Aladdin Follow @Alllahdin How Instagram logo was made
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    Inspired by Leftover Christmas Candy

    Text - The Poke Follow poke. @ThePoke How the new #Instagram icon was created How The New Instagram Icon Was Created Instagram have unveiled a new icon for their photo-sharing service. Here's how it was created. 1) Create simpler, bolder version of existing icon 2) Open a tin of Quality Street leftover from last Christmas 3) Add new background 4) Tweak colours for final icon. Finish sweets.
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    YEP! Had to Be WordArt

    Text - Charlie Hustle Follow @CharlieHustleCo How the new Instagram logo was made... ?X WordArt Gallery Select a WordArt style: WordArt WordAr WordArt WordArt W WordArt W WordArt WordArt WordArt ordArt WordArt WardArt WordArtWordArtWorArt WordArt WordArt WardArtWardAthSordA Wurning WardAt t Cancel ок
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    3 out of 4

    Text - Erik Carter Follow @erikinternet lol the instagram logo is 3 of the 4 default colors in the "4-color gradient" effect in after effects L(ツ)」 Conpositon Comp Footage n) Comp Reset About. 569.50.0 1387.0.50.0 saa450. 450.9.36. L00.0 4.ON None
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    Behind the Scenes Footage of How the New Instagram Logo Was Designed

    For reference: 

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    Please, Leave Nintendo Alone

    Text - Nintendo Corporation @Nintendo Corp Follow Clintendo Nice job with the new logo, @instagram -- you inspired us to try our own redesign! NINTENDO
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    Same Same

    Text - Tom Warren Following @tomwarren Meanwhile, in Windows Phone land all is well with the Instagram logo Share Built for Windows 10 Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world's moments. Transform your everyday photos and videos int... More Starting download What's new in this version Introducing Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile, now with Instagram Direct, Explore and video. This new release also supports Live Tiles, showing you updates right on your home screen.
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    Here's the Actual Meaning Behind the New Logo

    Text - instagram 228,105 likes instagram Three years ago, Paulo del Valle (@paulodelvalle) started the #myinstagramlogo project, inspiring thousands of creators to remix our icon in wildly creative ways. Paulo, who lives in São Paulo, used more than 400 flowers to make his remix of our app's new look. "I went to the biggest flower shop in Rio de Janeiro and bought half of their stock for Mother's Day. Then I got home and I had no idea how I was going to do it," he explains. Eight hours later, he


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