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I Can Has Cheezburger to Put A Cat On The Moon

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    The cat face will be projected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but will only be visible at night or during solar eclipses.

    laser moon cat

    Using advanced lasers and complex robotic algorithms, a 3,400 Joules laser beam will be focused initially at the Fra Mauro impact craters on the moon. The front portion of the laser housing will then be gyrated along a wireframe track that is an outline of a cat's face, thereby projecting a massive cat onto the Earth-facing lunar surface, for all of earth's inhabitants to gaze upon in wonder.

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    The Specially Modified Cat Laser

    super cat laser

    The specially designed laser, which was engineered and modified by a team of gifted scientists at I Can Has Spaceburger, is capable of firing over 33.6 bursts per second, creating a homogenous and continuous image projection across the lunar surface when observed by human eyes back on Earth.

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    Lunar Funding through advertising

    space cat I can has space program

    I Can Has intends to fund the ambitious space project by selling advertising slots to be projected at the top of every hour for 5 minutes onto the lunar surface. Currently, all the ads have been completely bought out for the next 44 years by some lizard selling car insurance. 


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