Devastated Women Forced To Surrender Her Fur-Babies To Shelter Leaves Heartbreaking Note

This story is a tear-jerker, make sure you have that tissue box near and ready! The owner of two beautiful 16-year-old Birman cats was forced to accept the fact that she will be moving into a nursing home and would not be able to bring her beloved cats with her. The most difficult part of making this decision was because she was worried about her loves and to make matters worse, her family was unable, and unwilling, to take the cats in. She was left with one choice, return them to the shelter. 

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    The heartbreaking decision

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    According to the workers and volunteers at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Inc., the emotional woman was sobbing as she gave up her fur-babies to be put-up for adoption. The shelter said they will do all they can for these gorgeous siblings who have been uprooted from the life they've always known. 

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    The siblings, named Zipper and Missy, had been by their owner's side for years, living a loved and comfy life. But now that all changed. The owner's family who didn't want the cats apparently also attempted their "solution" which was to euthanize the perfectly healthy cats -- thankfully, the veterinarian absolutely refused! 

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    The note

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    The note this woman wrote shows just how much she loved her cats, and just how difficult this decision weighed on her heart. The note specified details on the cat's meals, the absolute must-knows, requests, and special treats. And to make it all that more heart-wrenching of a situation, was the sobbing that accompanied the note. 

    • Keep together
    • Never been in water
    • No kids
    • No outside (never been out)
    • Like to look out window
    • Missy skittish, afraid of loud noises

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    For whomever adopts these beauties, they have a full schedule already laid out for them:

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    • Can't eat dry food–they eat Fancy Feast–the kind with gravy.
    • Zipper likes his food served in a mound.
    • Zipper only eats Fancy Feast fish and shrimp.
    • [He] gets 1/2 slice of American cheese–crumbled into balls as an A.M. or afternoon snack.

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    • Missy likes Friskies beef shredded with ocean whitefish and tuna.
    • Missy also likes Fancy Feast gravy lovers, turkey with gravy lovers, chicken and beef feast.
    • *Chop Missy's food

    'At night they get to eat Cool Whip off your finger. Zipper gets 5 fingerfulls. Missy gets 4 fingerfulls, if they want.'

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    New living situation

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    According to the shelter, the poor and confused kitties aren't adjusting well to their new life in the shelter, 

    "They are housed together in a larger-than-usual cage in the main cat room. We wish we could tell you that they were quickly adjusting, but so far they seem terrified, especially shyer and tinier Missy."


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    Don't worry - there is a shining light in this dark and heartbreaking tale!

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    It seems like Zipper and Missy will have a new fur-ever home soon, and thank goodness for that! Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Inc. (FAACAC) shared this story on their Facebook and it has since been shared more than 26K times and viewed more than 1.3 million people! The shelter claimed to have received dozens of adoption offers for the siblings and are now filtering through the applications they received! 

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