James Franco Gets Shady with a Teen in NYC

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James Franco is a Showbiz stud who is generally thought of as not having a problem getting the girls he goes after. 17-year-old Lucy Clode from Scotland got a look at the movie star's romantic tenacity when she met him at an autograph signing in New York. After making an Instagram video of him and being told to tag him (and oh, she did) things started to get weird. Luckily for us, she decided to document the whole creepy correspondence.

Clode and Franco soon started direct messaging one another where she tells him that she's in New York with her mom for her 18th birthday (which isn't until next month). That doesn't seem to slow down old Franco.

James Franco

Clode eventually turned him down after the DMs turned to texts, but to prove that it was really him, Franco wrote her name on a piece of paper and sent her a photo of him holding it.

James Franco

The exchange started circulation the internet and soon Franco had this in a response:

James Franco

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