17 Twitter Responses That Absolutely Nailed What We All Were Thinking

  • 1
    picture of part of door against tree and frog twitter responses
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  • 2
    picture mcdonalds with two red flags out front why is the mcdonald's flag at half-staff they lost another ice cream machine
  • 3
    two images showing how to scrape chopped tomatoes off chopping board At this point I don't even know if I'm breathing correctly
  • 4
    man's hand that looks like dogs paw over womans hand My baby treats me so good i thought this was a dog paw
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  • 5
    picture rock against ocean looks like steak why do i see a medium rare steak
  • 6
    close up of bee hovering near camera so i got a notification from our security camera that someone was at the front door
  • 7
    twitter post Name one thing you wanna try in the bedroom getting a full 8 hours of sleep
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  • 8
    coyote sitting on purple seat on bus why is there a coyote on the bus? probably because they can't fucking drive karen
  • 9
    twitter post and reply i swear nothing in this whole entire world smells better than the person you love have you ever walked by a Cinnabon
  • 10
    news update of hurricane going nowhere yeah me too, u ain't special twitter post
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  • 11
    twitter post and reply I've been in 7 car accidents this year, y'all can't tell me God doesr have a plan for me Girl it sound like he tryna kill u
  • 12
    news article about netflix raising prices Sounds like the account owner's personal problem.
  • 13
    twitter post and reply What would you do if someone left you 8.7mil??? Pay off my student loans and use the remaining $10 to go to the movies
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  • 14
    two pictures robbery suspect looks like iron man twitter
  • 15
    car sides scratched My homeboy's girl caught him cheating and keyed Phis car Your homeboy was dating Wolverine?
  • 16
    twitter post and reply If you knew me in HS, you no longer do. Come meet me all over again same.but don't come meet me
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  • 17
    twitter post and reply When unwrapping a starburst or fruitella and there's a little bit of paper left on, I just eat it How lazy are you?


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