I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Destroys Owners Headphones And Comes Back With A Snake As A Replacement

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    Proud kitty-owner, Haryanto, was sitting on his bed with his little feline friend as she played with his headphones

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    Soon enough, the chewing and playing did take its toll of the item:


    Haryanto criticized the cat and it ran away.

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    Poor kitty couldn't live with the guilt...


    An hour later, Haryanto returned home to find his kitty, who felt so guilty, had gone out to the garden to find Haryanto a suitable replacement. A snake. Haryanto laughed and can't stay mad anymore. (We completely understand, Haryanto)

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    The reactions were great:

    Metal - yoshiko_a 1115 points 2d Snake be like:
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    We're just as in awe of the replacement gift as this cat:

    Photography - meongski 174 points 2d ITS.. BEAUTIFUL
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    We give this cat two solid thumbs up for trying!



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