For the Love of Music, Indulge in Your Ego and Answer This Question!

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From FatherofGray

Put a link to your battle theme in the comments section. I have a lot of time and I love music, so I'll listen to all of them! I have codes for free iTunes songs to give away to 5 people whose battle beats I'm feelin' the most! Rules: ONE song per person! Your submission must be posted as its own comment, NOT as a response to someone else. Only songs posted within 24 hours of this post reaching the home page of Pokémemes will be considered. If someone has posted the same song as you before, your entry will be ignored. If you're a winner, I'll send you a friend request if you aren't my friend already. Accept and then I'll PM you telling you that you've won. (I'll also announce the winners in the comments section.) Respond back to me with an email I can safely reach you at and I'll send you the code with instructions on how to redeem your free song! Please bear with me and give me time to get back to you. This is gonna be A LOT of music to listen to! I hope you all take the time to have a listen as well. Who knows, you might find something you really like that you have never heard before!

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