I Can Has Cheezburger?

Woman Created the Ultimate Cardboard Throne for Her 17-Year-Old Maine Coon

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    Meet Arthur!


    Elly and Steve, the hoomans of King Arthur, told Just Something about her inspiration behind her cardboard throne, "I was looking at this cardboard box, a shoe box for children's boots that my mom had mailed me something in, and I was thinking I could make Arthur a new bed. I opened it up and it already kind of looked like a chair, so I thought I could make a throne since we often call him King Arthur. And then I realized the best throne to make would be the Iron Throne"

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    The beginning of greatness

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    So much work

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    Arthur doesn't seem impressed yet

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    Getting there...

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    Now THAT'S a throne worthy of a King!

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    Elly even sewed in a cushion for added comfort!

    Chair - ALBAN
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    The King in his throne


    Elly says that the Iron Throne perfectly reflects Arthur's personality, "Arthur loves sitting and lying in it! He likes to rub his face in it. He is definitely the head of the house, so it's fitting. We also have two large dogs, and they are pretty submissive to Arthur."

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