Test of the Day: Can This iPhone 7 Survive the Most Corrosive Acid on Earth

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Via TechRax
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We’ve heard a lot about how thin and powerful the new iPhone 7 is. We’ve also heard a lot about how waterproof it is. But one question remains: Is this thing Acid Proof?

Good question, which is why TechRax poured the world’s most corrosive acid on the world’s most popular cellphone to find out.

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Taking several crystals of Fluoroantimonic Acid and dropping them on a working iPhone 7, TechRax tests if the phone can withstand the acid for a day. The acid begins to eat away at the casing but does little to destroy the phone's battery. so The host then adds some hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid. Things get fun from there.

The results and the strength of Apple’s phone are very surprising, especially considering that most people break their phones by dropping them in the toilet. The phone actually turns on in the end, but what the acid does to this thing physically is really cool.

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