Life Hack of the Day: This Video Proves That Straws Are More Useful Than Cliff, the Guy Who Lives On My Couch

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Straws are more useful than you think, and this video proves it. Did you know that straws can used for much more than drinking, like for sealing a chip bag without a clip? Well, did you know that, Cliff? Or were you gonna just let this bag of Tostitos go stale? 

Sorry. This dude, Cliff, has been living on my couch for weeks and is not helping out around the house. It’s hard to not think about it.

Ok. Moving on. This video from HouseholdHacker does a great job showing you all the great uses for drinking straws, like it can help make a single serving honey dispenser for tea or a soda tap for your bar. Not that I would know. Cliff drank all my La Croix and didn’t replace it, like he said he would, so we can’t try this out. 

via 5secondfilms

Again, sorry. He’s just really annoying. He doesn’t even pay rent, but we grew up together, so you know.

Anyway, straws. The video also shows a really fun trick for kids at parties. If you tie a bunch of straws together and dip them in dish detergent, you’ve got a makeshift bubble gun. You know what else dish detergent can be used for, Cliff? Doing dishes. That mac and cheese isn’t going to clean itself.

Ugh. This is getting in the way of work. Look, I don’t care if we used to read Encyclopedia Brown together, it’s time I get this guy out of my house. But first, I’m going to watch some more Straw Hacks, and you should too.

Check out the video.

via 5secondfilms

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