Party Trick of the Day: Check Out This Life-Size Balloon T-Rex

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We’ve all seen balloon animals. You’ve got your poodles, giraffes, and swords that make a child’s birthday fun for about five seconds. But for World Balloon Modeling champion Mark Verge, that’s just kid’s stuff.

Mark has built one of the world’s largest balloon sculptures, a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex. This humongous balloon animal had to be made in haste before the balloons went extinct, all 1,400 of them. It’s 12-feet tall and 43-feet long and was constructed in about 40 hours in two days.

via Lee Pacey

Verge makes big sculptures, including costumes, dump trucks, and motorcycles, winning six world competitions. He can also do the clown stuff, but with a little thing we call “artistry.” He can make a monkey on a tree and a fish on a rod, which, honestly, are almost as cool as the dinosaur.

Check out this latest episode of the “Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made” for more.

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