DotA's Been Banned in a Philippine Village Because Kids are Killing Each Other Over It

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People in internet cafes in a village of about 60,000 in Dasmariñas City in the Phillipines are banned from playing DotA after two November murders were linked back to the game.  According to officials, players are betting on their games, leading to outbursts of violence as well as theft in the community. The official documents relating to the banning state that "it is a bad influence for the youth, the game/gambling game DOTA makes them violent and teaches them how to lie, cheat, steal and not farm from killing someone or die so as long as they can play."  

If an "internet shop" is caught with DotA, they will have their shops closed for a month.  Second time offenders will lose their permits, and third time offenders will have their business closed permanently and not be allowed a business permit.

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