Question of the Day: Billy On The Street Asks: “Do Gay People Care About John Oliver?”

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Apparently the answer is a resounding “No.”

Billy Eichner, the screaming, yelling, hollering host of Billy on the Street, hit his normal beat this week with John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight. As per Eichner’s thing, he wants to deflate the star of whoever is on the show with him. Sometimes it’s telling people that Seth Rogen is dead when Rogen is standing right next to him, and this time it was asking gay people if they care about John Oliver.

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Accosting people on the street and asking them if they're gay and if they "care about John Oliver, Billy gets to the heart of one of the most pressing questions of the modern age: "Do gay people care about John Oliver?"The answer, for the most part, is still no. But one thing Eichner does discover: Many gay people love Wendy Williams.

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