Meet Dennis, The Previously Obese Dachshund, Now Healthy and Fit

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cute dog story dennis the rescued obese dachshund loses weight and is healthy
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Brooke Burton rescued Dennis, a 6-year-old miniature dachshund and 56-pounds, from a relative who had fed the dog a diet of burgers, pizza, ramen noodles and gave Dennis little attention, leaving him scared, and sad.

After a first month of timidness and reluctance, Dennis seemed to realize the Burton was trying to help him and her strict dry dog food diet and multiple walks a day was for his benefit. His weight started dropping and his skin starting to fold and hung off him.

Since being adopted in 2013, Dennis has had to have three surgeries to remove excess skin folds. Dr. Kathleen Ham, an assistant professor in the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, said "It was really remarkable that he was otherwise healthy," she said. "We were surprised that he didn't have any detrimental effects from the excessive weight."

These days, the fit and healthy Dennis weighs 12 pounds, after losing a total of 44, including 2 pounds of excess skin. He loves to chase squirrels and birds, playing fetch and most of all belly rubs from his owner, Brooke Burton.

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