Why Are Teens Still Doing the Ice and Salt Challenge? Teens, Stop Doing This.

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Almost every "challenge" is dumb, but some are dumb than others. 

Sure, the Mannequin Challenge was pointless and the Backpack Challenge, more so, but few rival how stupid the Ice and Salt Challenge. That's because we know exactly how stupid the Ice and Challenge ends: With second- and third-degree burns. 

There has been a recent resurgence thanks to YouTuber "Ughitshayden2," who was somehow the second person to want the YouTube name "Ughitshayden." Lots of people are pretty disappointed that Hayden is doing something. Well, at least two are.   

According to The Daily Dot, this whole thing is making a little bit of a comeback. "The YouTuber responsible, Ughitshayden2, is seemingly the only one trying to make the challenge trend. While a Fox affiliate claimed that the challenge 'sends teens to the hospital,' the article doesn't mention any specific and appears to be referencing the June 2013 incident."

Stop doing this, dumb teens. 

via The Grinder

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