Chris Pratt Managed to Wrangle Nature's Most Dangerous Creatures — Children

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Chris Pratt brings Jurassic World to children's hospitals.
Via chrysias
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Chris Pratt's skill with taming velociraptors works with other life forms, apparently. The Jurassic World actor visited a children's hospital in Louisiana over the weekend and this proof popped up on Reddit, quickly making it to the front page.

Reddit user chrysias explained how he got the great picture:

I'm lucky enough to work with a philanthropy that benefits the hospital and I know these kids and their families were absolutely over the moon to have him visit. Considering he's here filming another project and probably had a million other things he could be doing, it's really great of him to spend his Saturday at the hospital.

ETA: if Chris Pratt's heart of gold inspired you, this is Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. I am but a humble college student that helps raise funds for this hospital as part of Children's Miracle Network. If you have a CMN hospital in your area, I guarantee they could use your dollars. Almost all of CMN's corporate stuff is underwritten by sponsors, so over 90¢ of every dollar goes directly to the actual hospitals.

With his publicity tour for the most recent dinosaur movie well over, it is super neat to see this kind of charity work. Still, though, those kids don't seem too wrangled. If anything they look temporarily stunned and will set upon him, devouring the actor in only a matter of minutes.

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