Ron Perlman Says Guillermo's Got a Hellboy 3 Script 'In His Head'

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Via Variety
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After Hellboy himself tweeted about wanting to do Hellboy 3, nobody can stop talking to Ron Perlman about it.  This time, he revealed to Variety that he hears from Guillermo del Toro "intermittently" and that he believes del Toro has the story figured out:

It’s in Guillermo’s head. And he’s shared enough of it with me to know that it will be mind-blowing. I mean it will be mind-blowing. It will be great cinema. And if you are somebody who followed the first two movies, it will be even more mind-blowing because we have something… if you liked the first one and the second one, we have something really rock ’em, shock ’em in the third one.

I swear to everything Ron Perlman, if you're exaggerating, I won't stand for it.  This sounds way too good to be true.

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