Truck Driver Rescues A Rare Albino Fawn From The Middle Of The Road

A truck driver was driving through the rice fields of Yolo County, Sacramento, when he came across a white mound in the middle of the road. Quickly swerving to avoid hitting it, he continued on for a split second until he saw another truck behind him swerve as well. The truck driver decided to turn around and investigate but was confused as to what the white mound was, upon closer inspection.  

As first, he thought it was a lamb or maybe some type of goat, but he heard it mew, like a cat. He called up Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue center and sent the center's President, Diane Nicholas, a photo of the animal. 

Nicholas told LA Times, "He said, 'I don't know what I've got, I said, 'Oh, my gosh, that's an albino fawn!'"

Story via LA Times

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    This is the first time in Nicholas 13 years as a rescuer that he has come across an albino fawn

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    Meet Spirit, a 3-week-old fawn, with all white fur, white hooves, and red eyes, Spirit is a spectacular sight to behold. Here you see Spirit placed in a shelter with shade covers, in order to protect her sensitive skin from the sun. 

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    There were no signs of the mother around, Kindred Spirits decided to take in the baby fawn.

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    According to Nicholas, Kindred Spirits decided to take in Spirit because she was found in a flat around, with zero signs of the mother and no shelter around. The mother could've possible been roadkill and the fawn may have wandered to the road in hopes of finding her. 

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    The name "Spirit" was given to her because of a Native American folklore linked to white deet.

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    The rescue center also sprayed animal-friendly sunscreen on her for added protection.

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    "It was so cute — this morning she finished her bottle … she stood on her hind legs and swatted her hoof by the bottle," Nicholas said about Spirit gaining enough confidence to drink from a bottle.

    In just a week, Spirit will be receiving a roommate -- another rescued deer. Then she will be moved in with a larger group when she's about 6 months old. 

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    The center was flooded with messages from concerned citizens about the deer's release

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    Nicholas says that Spirits chance of survival is the exact same as any other deer, except for that she obviously can't camouflage very well. When the time is right, Spirit will be released on a private property owned by ranchers, where hunting is prohibited.

    "She is a special gift to us," Nicholas said. "We're giving her the best shot possible."

    Thank you the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue center and good luck Spirit! 

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