Fallout Shelter Made $5.1 Million Dollars in its First Two Weeks

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Via IBTimes
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How's your vault doing? Hit by any radroaches lately?

At least some of your vaults must be thriving, because the free to play mobile game Fallout Shelter made over five million dollars in its first two weeks on the market. It even managed to free us from the tyranny of Candy Crush in the top 3 iOS apps list.

Surprised by its success? So is Bethesda; Fallout Shelter was meant to be marketing for Fallout 4, not a money making Behemoth. According to Fallout 4 director Tom Howard, "The main thing it has done is give us more faith that the gaming audience is enormous, and they don’t care what device they’re playing on," so don't be surprised to see more mobile games in the future.

If you're an Android user who's pissed you haven't been able to get your hands on Fallout Shelter, worry not, relief is coming; they're working on an Android version to be released soon.

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