Possible New Pokémon or Form??

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Via serebii
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From serebii:

Today in Japan, the latest Pokémon movie, Hoopa & The Clash of Ages, opened and within it, according to our envoy and close friend to the site, Gin who just saw the movie, there was something new appearing in it. She describes it as being bright green with one eye larger than the other. During the trailer for next years movie, its eye looked through the O of the word Pokémon and then it blobbed about. This was then followed by the large new Pokémon silhouette revealed on July 12th. Gin has kindly provided a few possible sketches of this Pokémon, but it is likely to differ greatly. It of course could still be an alternate form, a weird separated part of a new form of an existing Pokémon or something completely new, but it remains to be seen. We'll bring full details of this as and when it comes so keep checking back. Edit @ 07:51: Gin kindly did another image to demonstrate how it appeared and further show what it may look like.

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