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Aquarium In New Zealand Has A Naughty Penguin Of Every Month

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    Penguin of the Month - June 2019

    Penguin of the Month

    "NAUGHTY – Mo

    Mo has been a lay-about over the last few weeks! Has sleep ins, and doesn't get out of bed until feeding time. Penguins normally swim during daylight hours, usually getting up at sunrise. But not our Mo – he refuses to rise before 9.30am, then waddles across to get his food and tries going back to bed. Mo needs to be mindful of his tardy behaviour.

    GOOD – Timmy

    Timmy's actually behaving at feeding time! Yes, we were impressed too. He's not being his usual pushy self and has even restrained himself from flicking sand at the keepers! Basically, he's been awarded good penguin this month because he hasn't been naughty LOL! Nice one Timmy."

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    Penguin of the Month - May 2019

    Bird - PENG IN OF THE MONTH NATIONAL lor sw ALAND Good NAUGHTY Betty Dave Disrupting the Keepers when they are trying to Generally well behaved never puts a flipper clean the wrong windows

    "NAUGHTY – Dave
    Dave just can't get it together and stay off the naughty list! We take great pride in keeping Penguin Cove clean and tidy. However for Dave, this is an opportunity to cause mischief, and as cute as he is, it tends to make this job tricky for our keepers. We're going to see if we can get some video evidence of him in action so watch this space!
    GOOD – Betty
    Our Betty is one of our sweetest penguins and is such a joy! She never lets the hustle and bustle of the other penguins get to her. She goes about her day without putting a flipper wrong. Maybe she's starting to be a good influence on her boyfriend Mo - who hasn't been on the naughty list for some time!"

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    Penguin of the Month - April 2019

    Bird - PENG IN OF THE MONTH NATIONAL Geed INAUGHTY MARTIN DORA Being a Coming to the feeding station Casanova Trying to steal others girlfriends unescorted

    "NAUGHTY - Martin
    Martin is new to our Penguin Cove (rescued after a predator attack). While he was in our rehabilitation centre he was a bit of a grump (understandably). He's settled in well, however has become a bit of Casanova – he started to muscle in on Lulu (Mr Mac's girlfriend) and Draco (Timmy's girlfriend). Timmy promptly put him in his place, Mr Mac is taking it all in his waddle. We've got some tough boys at Penguin Cove so keep your flippers to yourself Martin!
    GOOD - Dora
    Dora used to be a bit of princess, demanding a guided escort to the feeding station. She's now making a real effort, sauntering her own way over. Preferring to dine alone, she waits until the other penguins are done so she gets her keeper's full attention."

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    Penguin of the Month - March 2019

    Wildlife - PENG IN OF THE MONTH NATIONA Geod NAUGHTY BURNY DAVE Consistent Pulling the leg hair of a gentleman swimming and on a penguin excellent encounter preening

    NAUGHTY (kind of!): Because Dave has been partially hand raised, he's really close to humans and as part of penguin relationship building they like to preen each other. We had one recent gentleman who took part in a Penguin Encounter and had the privilege of Dave preening him. Dave's very young and doesn't know his own strength so a few hairs were tugged at on his legs - but our guest thought this was pretty special.

    GOOD: Before moulting Burny had been spending a lot of time in her burrow. Now with some lovely new feathers, she's been taking care of them really well!! She's spending all day in the water and making a conscious effort to preen and keep them in good condition. Nice work Burny.

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    Penguin of the Month - February 2019

    Adaptation - PENG IN OF THE MONTH NATIONAL AQUARIUM Geed NAUGHTY LULU PEPPER Encouraging her boyfriend to For being extra snappy go swimming (he's quite lazy) at feeding times

    "Good Penguin of the Month - Pepper

    She's been so good at encouraging her boyfriend Tux to go swimming. Tux can be a bit lazy! Good on you Pepper 

    Naughty Penguin of the Month - Lulu

    Our Lulu has been extra snappy over the last few weeks at feeding time. She obviously needs to learn some good habits off her daughter Pepper!"

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    Penguin of the Month - January 2019

    Wildlife - PENG IN OF THE MONTH AOUARLUN NAUGHTY Geed Mr Mac Flip MR MAC FLIP Ate during a public encounter Abandoned her boyfriend and (normally snobs them) their baby for an entire week

    "Naughty Penguin - Flip abandoned her boyfriend and their baby for an entire week!!!!!

    Good Penguin - Mr Mac ate during a public encounter ( normally snobs them)"

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    Penguin of the Month - December 2018

    Wildlife - PENG IN OF THE MONTH NATIONA CUAEUN Goed NAUGHTY MO Captain MO CAPTAIN For hiding in the bushes Finally standing up for himself against Tux weighing day on

    "Naughty Penguin- Mo... for hiding in the bushes on weighing day

    Good Penguin - Captain.... Finally standing up for himself against Tux"

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    Penguin of the Month - August 2018

    Technology - NAUGHTY Betty Penguin of the month Trying to steal one of Mo's Tux girlfriends Good penguin of the month Tux Helping Elmo with egg Betty incubating duties

    "It's the breeding season and Tux has been up to some mischief this month???? Uh oh!

    Elmo is a solo mum, but sweet Betty has been lending a helping flipper.... naww how cute!"

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    Penguin of the Month - July 2018

    Text - NAUGHTY Penguin of the month Managed to evade the keepers Flip on monthly weighing day Good penguin of the month Burny Flip Gave Mo a taste of his own Burny medicine by stealing his fish

    "Naughty Penguin Flip… managed to evade the keepers on monthly weighing day

    Good Penguin Burny… Gave Mo a taste of his own medicine by stealing his fish!"

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    Penguin of the Month - June 2019

    Blue - NAUGHTY Penguin of the month Learning bad habits from Mo Burny Pecking the others in the face during feeding Good penguin of the month Draco Standing up for Timmy Draco when Tux is trying to push him off the pier

    "Burny was so good last month but has picked up bad habits from Mo! What a fall from grace!

    But when the tables turn on Timmy it is Draco who comes to the rescue, earning him high praise!"

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    Penguin of the Month - May 2018

    Signage - NAUGHTY MO Penguin of the month Mo Outright obnoxious Good penguin of the month Burny Our newest resident quickly learned daily Burny routines

    "Mo has been very naughty this time around- 'obnoxious' was the word our keepers used to describe his bad behaviour!

    However, we have a new arrival who is making a wonderful first impression! Burny is our most recent penguin and has picked up on the routines of penguin cove. Well done Burney!"

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    Penguin of the Month - April 2018

    Cheezburger Image 9317688064

    "Fish stealing is an art and one that Mo has perfected, giving him a place on the naughty list.

    Flip on the other hand (or flipper?) Is a role model for every penguin to look up to- well done Flip!"

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    Penguin of the Month - February 2018

    Cheezburger Image 9317687296

    "Bad Penguin - Tux pushed Timmy off the pier after it took him an hour to walk there! (naww poor Timmy)
    Good Penguin - Mr Mac calls out to his blind girlfriend, so she can find her burrow easily! (how awesome is that)"


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