17 Moments of Failure That Prove Kids Are Stupid Idiots

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    fail kids - Photo caption - My man. Taking a leak at 2nd base during his first TBall game. Legendary
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    a funny tweet describing how a dumb kid doesn't understand child safety locks
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    a funny tweet from a parent describing their kids fighting over air
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    fail kids - Text - DA @DanielGAlarcon yesterday morning after his soccer game, my 6 year old asked me how come the other team gets to change the color of their jerseys every week, while we always had to wear purple. when i explained that, in fact, we were playing against different teams each week, his mind was blown. 21:42 05/05/2019 Twitter Web Client 126 Retweets 1,092 Likes
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    Alright this one might be a win

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    a parent tweets that their child drank a bottle of A1 steak sauce
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    fail kids - Text - l'appel du vide @kanm03 Madison's eaten 3/4 of a chicken and cheese quesadilla. The last 1/4 she realizes it has chicken and cheese and isn't a pancake. She flies into a fit of crying and screaming that I lied and broke her little baby heart. iterally never fucking said it was a pancake but go off 30/08/2018, 8:44 pm 1,796 Retweets 13.1K Likes
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    fail kids - Text - Cocoa Mama @SeauxCocoa Almost 2yr old for sale. Been crying for 10 mins cuz he cant get in the oven with the cornbread. Entertaining all offers. 5/30/18, 6:04 PM 21.1K Retweets 85.9K Likes
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    fail kids - Text - When I was little, I thought sex was just kissing while you were naked and one time when i got out of the shower kissed my cat on the head and then I remembered I was naked and ran downstairs crying saying that I had sex with the cat. You should have seen my moms face.
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    fail kids - Text - officialsnakeplissken Neighbor boy knocked on my door. Often he needs his soccer ball inflated and asks me to use my air compressor. He's holding a giant ass jar of minced garlic. And I'm like "So uh...what's going on? We have Italian or what?" "Umm. Umm. Grandma can't open the jar and I'm not strong enough. Can you?" So l open the jar. He runs back and spills the entire jar on the sidewalk.
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    fail kids - Snow - a real dinosaur @SparkyROAR 1d I walk out of Target to the scene of a child laying motionless on the ground. I asked what was wrong and the dad said "He's upset his gloves match his jacket."
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    fail kids - Text - Zino Ennaku @ynalu_UK My child is throwing a fit. Reason: Didn't get to see her poop before grandma flushed it down the toilet. Grandma is apologising profusely. Lea is refusing to be assuaged, she just wants her poop back. It's been 20 mins. Did you take your birth control? You're welcome 18:51 08 May 19 Twitter for Android 512 Retweets 1,019 Likes
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    fail kids - Text - Lifeguard at the lake: "EVERYONE PLEASE EXIT THE WATER, WE'RE LOOKING FOR A 5 YEAR OLD BOY IN BLUE SHORTS NAMED TITUS" Little boy standing next to me in blue shorts: "hey, my names Titus too"


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