The Thirst is So Real on Justin Bieber's Instagram

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thirsty justin bieber The Thirst is So Real on Justin Bieber's Instagram
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Justin Bieber has been posting creepy throwback photos of his ex on Instagram. In some ways, he's just like everyone else!

This "crazy throwback" just happened to pop up right after Selena Gomez was spotted kissing her new squeeze Niall Horan. What a coincidence! 

At least he can joke about his inabililty to find a lady. 

He just wants somebody to love. At this rate, he'll have to start hitting on fans.... oh, wait. 

He posted this random picture he found of a pretty woman and asked fans to identify her. He's in luck, she was identified as @cindywolfiereal and it seems like she's a Belieber!

Maybe he's just going back to his roots by trying to use the internet to discover a girlfriend the way he was discovered on Youtube way back when. 

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