38 Time-Wasting Memes To Tickle Your Pleasure Receptors

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    Hedgehog - Taylor Nicole Dean @taylorndean A hedgehog, screaming at the ground: Raina @rfrostine ig: realpettymayO This is what I look like when I try to do a push-up at the gym
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    People - the boys making the world a better place made with love <3
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    Photo caption - Rose Dommu @rosedommu literally every conversation I've ever had I can't complain. Actually, I can.
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    Text - the library haunter @SketchesbyBoze telling people you're single: "you'll find someone" "have you tried tinder" saying "many have tried to date me and all have failed": mystical empowering sWord-in-the-stone vibes
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    Cartoon - I lied, there is no Netflix FR62MEMES
  • 6
    Text - Dylan Farella @dfarella 2:00pm: Gonna save the other half of this sandwich for later 2:06pm: Time to finish that sandwich
  • 7
    Text - lauren bonnici @laurenbonnicii This lady at Jamba Juice just cut me in line and the worker saw so when it was my time to order he goes "CONGRATS you were the 18th customer today!! You get a free drink of choice!" Omfg.... her face
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    Text - @benwalkey1 This has blown my mind Reader View Available No Garys left in Britain by 2050 6th March 2015 GARYS cOuld be wiped out within a generation after it emerged there have been no children named Gary since 1992
  • 9
    Text - Tweet Jaden Smith @officialjaden Los Angeles is a upside poem with lights 5:37 AM Mar 26, 2019 Twitter for iPhone 1.6K Retweets 13.2K Likes Apillows n a ke Mar 26 @DemonBo... Replying to @officialjaden Deep Jaden is back t 2 2 47
  • 10
    Text - Josh @iwearaonesie wife: We're going out to eat, why did you order pizza? me: It's for the dog wife: Why did you order a pizza for the dog? me: Because she can't talk 7:14 PM 6/11/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Seth J. Dickinson @sethjdickinson it's hilarious and awesome that we invented telephones, used them for a hundred years, and then collectively decided they were awkward and stressful and we just wanted to send very fast letters instead
  • 12
    Text - Simon Barrett @Simon_Barrett Used to love mosh pits for the aggressive human contact but now I just shop at Trader Joe's on a Sunday 1:26 PM Dec 18, 2016 Twitter for iPhone 204 Retweets 344 Likes
  • 13
    Cartoon - Harry Potter and the Wizarding World Tuesday at 10:25 PM Show me a better cosplay, I'll wait.
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  • 14
    Face - me explaining my love for my cat and how i would die for him my cat
  • 15
    Text - Jake @JMRogers14 Not to brag or anything but..I don't need alcohol to send texts that I'll end up regretting.
  • 16
    Water - Me watching Iron Giant for the 100th time [sobs]
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  • 17
    Facial expression - Reactor: *explodes* Chernobyl workers: WE GOT A JINGLE-JANGLE PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS
  • 18
    Crochet - When you are crocheting on a plane and your WIP is bundled on your lap and you don't notice youmissed a row, so you add the armhole to the wrong side lol :(
  • 19
    Text - Charlie B _charlieb23 Is that fuckin swae lee Imfaoo Boss Ben m@BossBen_ 1d Just cancel the goddam movie Show this thread 04:42 6/9/19 Twitter for iPhone 34.6K Retweets 141K Likes
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  • 20
    Beard - Using the Drake format 03 Using the new Keanu format
  • 21
    Performance - My Mom: *Is sad* Me: 11 You're breathtaking!
  • 22
    Cat - awwww-cute Today I caught the rainbow in my cat's ear lezbhonest all my years of blogging have led me to this moment i can officially close now
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  • 23
    Cat - Dear humans, this is the correct angle to take our photos so that we don't look fat. Sincerely Cats X
  • 24
    Photo caption - Keenan @K_ova Day 329 without sex:
  • 25
    Text - Me: I will love you to death. I'm going to take great care of you and feed you as much food as you want! My cat: FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE
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    Text - Pixel @PixelThinks when people say "not all men" they're actually talking about keanu reeves
  • 27
    Text - Gwen BACK ON! TOP SOON @msgwenl I am a millennial and I buy coffee because my retirement is already fully planned: I will be a traveling jester in the feudal post-global warming remnants of society. My IRA is composed entirely of memorized viral tweets.
  • 28
    Text - SPAWN @ArchivalWisdom Once I got a joblrealized that my mother was right, I do have food at home
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  • 29
    Text - oo AT&T LTE 4:31 PM 62% Joshua YOU MATCHED WITH JOSHUA ON 12/2/17 If you had a penis I would consider changing my sexual orientation I keep mine ina box Thursday 1:33 PM Like a dildo Today 4:31 PM It's actually a 3 step process 1. Cut a hole in a box 2. Put your junk in that box 3. Have her open the box Sent Send GIF
  • 30
    Text - Grimm @grimmreality The best thing about Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is how it deftly blends the otherworldly fantasy that capitalism rewards virtue with the reality that capitalism blithely nurtures and exploits the insecurities of the children it murders. 3:37 AM 6/10/19 Twitter Web Client
  • 31
    Hair - So you see, that's where the trouble began. That smile. That damned smile.
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  • 32
    Text - Elisabeth @YourMomsucksTho Sometimes I feel kind of smart then other times i realize if my concentration is even slightly off I'll definitely fall down the steps 4:57 AM 6/11/19 Twitter Web App
  • 33
    Text - tommmayyyy @tommysalami332 I just matched with a girl on hinge. She said "want to hear a joke about ghosts?" I said "let's hear it" and then she unmatched me
  • 34
    Text - optimism survivor uPLOAB YOUR @abraveturtle i tell every telemarketer up front, 'i plan on masturbating through this entire call. hope that's cool'
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  • 35
    Food - Pac @ocapreina first time trying boba!
  • 36
    Text - Derrick Knopsnyder @dknop Not sure what's more awkward. The fact that I said I love you to the pizza guy after he took my order on the phone or the fact that he showed up with breadsticks shaped like a bouquet. Either way, we're dating now.
  • 37
    Text - When your little brother asks you to help him beat a boss in a video game So you've come to the master for guidance?
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  • 38
    Seat belt - "Grandpa! Tell us again about your fall from the third floor." TANESE


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