Heroic Dog Killed in Paris Terrorist Raid Will Be Honored for Her Valor

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With a heavy, saddened heart you might remember Diesel: the police dog who heroically sacrificed life and limb in the raid that amounted to the apprehension of seven terrorists suspected as responsible for the horrific Paris attacks.

The seven-year-old Diesel took heavy fire, and went down after taking several shots from a female suicide bomber, after scouting the apartment to ensure the quarters was secured.

The world hasn't forgotten Diesel's bravery. She's set to be posthumously awarded by the British veterinary charity, the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals; and also to receive the Dickin Medal. This medal's the animal equivalent to the Victoria Cross, which is Britain's 'highest military awarded for valor in the face of the enemy.'

We hope Diesel's resting in peace up above with an endless procession of doggy treats amidst unparalleled belly rubs in between highly enjoyable bouts of fetch. She was a hero, and she won't be forgotten.

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